Ladies Only

Training Programs for All Skill Levels

Nonjudgmental Firearms Instruction for Women

+P is the area’s largest firearms training program for women. We embrace the qualities that foster safety-driven skill development and fun. We are inclusive, non-threatening and non-judgmental.


Shooting Skills for Defense and Recreation


Our classes help do away with the victim-based mentality. Knowing how to handle a firearm is empowering, as many of our past students can attest to. Apart from being a fun sport, shooting is an option for self-defense.

Our classes will help improve your firearms knowledge and marksmanship skills so you are well-prepared if that one second we all hope never comes actually does. You can rely on our instructors to personalize each lesson to match your needs and learning curve.


Take your Place and Own your Safe Space


  1. Rewrite your Story (decide to take steps to dissolve victim-based mentality)
  2. Pick a direction ( open your eyes- change your focus and awareness)
  3. Make a move ( take a class, purchase a firearm)
  4. Practice + Repeat ( let’s talk about these elaborations)